Forgotten areas to clean in the office

The Easiest Areas to Forget When Doing Office Cleaning Office cleaning is easier said than done. During the hectic craze of any work week, papers pile up, coffee spills happen, dust accumulates, and after a rainy or snowy day, workers tramp mud and water all over the floors. Every office manager knows that keeping the office clean is an important job – you want to make sure your company is giving the best possible first impression to clients, potential new hires, or anyone visiting for a meeting. But while areas like the floors or windows are usually easy to remember, there are some other key spots that are often neglected because they are easy to forget. So when you are talking to your commercial cleaning services about what they need to clean during a routine visit, here are some important spots to remember.   Microwaves and Kitchen Spaces The tragedy of the commons is a fact when it comes to shared office kitchens. With so many people eating lunch or breakfast on the fly, many employees will simply leave a […]

The Major Role Played by Gym Cleaning Companies in Raleigh, NC

So many people go to their respective gyms on a daily basis. It’s part of a routine of looking and feeling healthy. There are several factors that go into choosing which gym is the right fit. From proximity to home to equipment available to services offered, people consider each in their own way to determine what gym would work best. But how clean a gym is can be a huge part of that decision too. After all, it’s the first thing people notice when they walk in. Nobody wants to get healthy and look their best in a gym that doesn’t reflect a clean and healthy environment. It sends a contradictory message. That’s why gym cleaning is such an important factor in the business of any facility. What can Commercial Cleaning Services in Raleigh, NC do for a Fitness Facility? When a client walks into a fitness center, they want to be in a healthy and clean location that is well-maintained and organized. It could have all the amenities anyone could want but if it’s not clean, people will stop […]

Why keeping your office floors clean is critical to keeping the workplace safe?

One of the easiest ways to suffer a workplace mishap, and find your company entangled in a messy medical or even legal expense fight, is having a dirty or slippery floor that leads to an unfortunate accident. While businesses are busy places, and it is not always easy to maintain your flooring or even easier to forget about a spill or clutter that might lead to this, it is critical to use high quality office cleaning services in Raleigh to make sure that this doesn’t happen at your place of work. One of the most common reasons for this happening is a lack of time of office staff to handle mundane tasks like keeping the floor clean. Fortunately, high quality commercial cleaning services in Raleigh can often help create custom cleaning plans for your office that help you ensure that your floors are regularly maintained, while not interfering with the work being done on a daily basis. Contacting one of these companies and walking through their services, finding a schedule that fits your budget, and then making routine cleaning a […]

After-winter cleaning as a good season beginning

After-winter cleaning as a good season beginning Spring is a great time for big house cleaning. A thick layer of the dust that covers almost whole the home area needs to be quickly removed! Unfortunately, it gathers not only in the superficial places, but also in these which are really hard to reach. That is why our cleaning needs to be really exact. What more should we pay attention to? To be honest, there are many things that should be done. To not forget about any of them, it’s important to make some kind of what-to-do list. It will enable us and our family spending a spring in an ordered and comfortable space. Cleaning list is the key to success! Starting with outside part of your house, pay your attention to the porch. Vacuum your doormats and clean the floors and railings with a wet mope or steam machine. Then, wait for the overcast day and take care of your windows. They surely require solid refreshment. Going to the kitchen, what about your sink? If you can’t kick it, try […]

Medical Office Cleaning Service

Medical and Clinical Cleaning Requirements The high volume of medical offices and clinics mean these areas are prone to high levels of pathogens which can cause illness, even death in some cases. Medical office cleaning requires having a working knowledge of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards as well as CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines, and implementation of highly effective cleaning solutions. The cleaning solutions must avoid cross contamination, disposing of bio-hazardous waste and material and utilizing sanitary cleaning practices which effectively destroy harmful viruses and bacteria. Surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly and often. This is not a job to leave to inexperienced employees. Professional cleaning services well trained in medical cleaning are mandatory for the health and safety of patients and employees. Keeping Patients and Employees Healthy The Center for Disease Control has guidelines that all medical offices and clinics must adhere to. A good professional cleaning service will insure those guidelines are met. That means a healthier office and inspections are less stressful and more successful. State or local authorities conduct regular inspections and investigate reports […]

What is an eco-friendly cleaning?

Choice of green cleaning products Eco-friendly a.k.a. green office cleaning by some is considered as just a trendy phrase made up to increase sale of services and products. However, it’s much more than that and differs substantially from your average commercial cleaning offer. How so? For one thing, it aims to employ products that are safe for both environment as well as people working in and visiting any given facility. It usually means that such cleaning agents don’t contain harsh or harmful chemicals such as chlorine, phosphates, artificial colors and artificial fragrances. However, avoidance of some substances in cleansers is only one factor that makes the whole process eco-friendly. Of course, from the visitors point view it’s probably the most important one as it translates directly into better health like for example decrease of adverse reactions for people with asthma or allergies. Use of eco-friendly cleaning methods Choice of safe cleaning products is one of the most visible aspects of green schemes offered by many companies.  Another is biodegradability of agents and recyclability of packaging. For some business owners that […]

What to focus on when choosing cleaning company?

The first thing when considering outsourcing cleaning duties to a cleaning company is doing some homework. It is better to spend some time on validation prior to hiring someone than to waste  it getting unsatisfactory service. Specify your requirements and then search for the right company.

Advantages of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Services

Considering the number of companies that outsource their janitorial services to independent commercial cleaning services, it stands as a strong recommendation as to why your company should consider doing the same.

How Commercial Cleaning Companies Impact Your Business

Many people do not enjoy cleaning, commercial cleaning companies can be a great benefit to business owners. Running or managing a business is not easy. There are so many details that at times it seems you are like the captain of a sinking ship, desperately trying to plug up the holes! Chaos and stress is a part of office management, simple but vital stuff like cleaning is another important task often slips the mind.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to your business, how it looks to the visiting customers and clients will help them shape their first impression about your company. In addition, providing your employees with a clean working environment does more than just boost morale, it offers a place that is healthier and safer from health dangers in terms of germs, bacteria and providing shelter for insect and animal pests.

BizMaids Raleigh Floor Waxing Services

The appearance and cleanliness of your office flooring can immolate the work that is being done there. Not only does a work environment have a great imact on employees who spend their time there, it also has an impact on how potential clients and customers perceive your company. A clean office space can represent organized, clean and efficient work.

Post Construction Cleaning Services Raleigh

Once that newly constructed building is finally complete, there is still a great deal of work to be done before the new owners or tenants can actually move in and take residency. Cleaning of the dust, dirt, and debris left behind in order to make the structure habitable is not a chore that your very expensive construction team will usually want to undertake. Your construction team members are highly skilled and highly paid experts in their fields. Do you really want to pay those huge hourly wages to scrub floors and clean bathrooms?

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are now more popular than ever before as our personal and professional lives become increasingly demanding. Not only are homeowners taking full advantage of these timesaving and affordable services, but small business owners and larger corporations are witnessing the tremendous benefits that professional office cleaning can provide. Regularly scheduled cleaning by a reputable and bonded agency can keep your office environment looking immaculate and professional at all times, helping to improve your corporate image while always making a positive first impression when working with new and existing customers.

BizMaids Commercial Cleaning Services

From the initial inquiry phone call, to the completion of the job, our BizMaid professionals individually work with each of our clients to customize and create the perfect cleaning plan for your needs. We guarantee that each of our customer’s needs are met, and will deliver back to you a clean, healthy, and safe work environment.

The Importance of Commercial Cleaning Services

A clean office is crucial to the health and comfort of your employees, clients and guests. Businesses in Raleigh have three basic choices for meeting their commercial cleaning services needs.

BizMaids Floor Cleaning Services Raleigh NC

The appearance and cleanliness of your office flooring can immulate the work that is being done there. Not only does a work environment have a great impact on employees who spend their time there, it also has an impact on how potential clients and customers perceive your company. A clean office space can represent organized, clean and efficient work.

Post Construction Cleaning Services Raleigh NC

Now that you have invested so much time, money and effort into remodeling or building your new office space we’re certain you’ll want its final presentation to be clean and beautiful. Don’t move in until BizMaids Construction Cleaning Services Raleigh provides post construction clean­up.

Importance of Commercial Cleaning Services for Local Business Owners

Business owners already have a lot on their minds, whether their business is small or large, their hands are already full. So it is completely understandable if cleaning is the last thing on their minds, right? Sadly, it is the exact opposite. A clean and well-organized establishment attracts more customers compared to one that looks as if it has been completely neglected.

BizMaids Cleaning Services Will Keep Your Office Shiny

As they say, cleanliness if close to godliness, and there’s not much to wonder why – keeping a clean environment with cleaning services can help with getting things done and making you feel better where you work. You become more productive when your space is clean, and you generally enjoy your environment a lot more. This goes ten-fold for when it is a work space or office. But how does one go about keeping a clean office for their personal and professional benefit?

Green And Organized Workplace With Commercial Cleaning Services

With the number of things that are happening all around the world, more and more people are becoming conscious of what they do and how what they do would affect mother earth. So many things that have been considered as a norm before has now been recognized as something that could destroy the earth or the atmosphere. Each day, more and more items join the list of materials that should never be used again.

Keeping Your Space Clean with Commercial Cleaning Services

You must have heard people complain at least once about how commercialized some holidays have become. You hear this when you start to notice that all stores are hanging out decorations that celebrate a certain holiday, and almost every advertisement you see on television has something to do with the same holiday. It is an encouragement to spend during the season, and sometimes the essence of that very season is lost in the fanfare of commercialization.

Why Office Cleaning Services are an Essential Part of Every Business

Whether you run an office that occupies multiple floors in multiple buildings, or just a quarter of a floor in a certain structure downtown, you will always have to hire office cleaning services.

Steps to Take While Choosing Office Cleaning Services

It is very important to keep your work place clean, safe, healthy and looking professional. How can you choose the right office cleaning services ?

Best Cleaning Results With Janitorial Services Raleigh NC

If you require the best cleaning results, you would need a reliable Janitorial Services Raleigh NC. A dependable cleaning service provider maintains a staff that is trained well to handle any type of cleaning job, whether tiny or extensive, one time, or long-term.

Benefits Of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services Raleigh NC

Benefits of hiring BizMaids Commercial Cleaning Services Raleigh NC. Before you hire permanent employees to handle your commercial cleaning tasks for you, you might want to take a look at the many benefits of hiring BizMaids Commercial Cleaning Services Raleigh NC. The gains are plenty and after you read a few of them, you may reconsider changing your plans.

Guidelines in Hiring an Commercial Cleaning Services

No cleaning job is too big or too small for Bizmaids Commercial Cleaning Service Raleigh. In large commercial places where many activities take place, a cleaning company is very important as it will look after the general maintenance of the entire place so it will be a place that customers love to go.Commercial cleaning service are often needed when the premises can’t be maintained by amateur type of cleaning.

Why your Company Should Consider Hiring Bizmaids Office Cleaning Raleigh

To maintain the aesthetic and cleanliness of your office or building, hiring the Bizmaids office cleaning services Raleigh is one of the best decisions to make. While it may be an additional expense, the benefits it can give you are matchless. Here are some of the benefits you are likely to get if you choose to hire professionals for office cleaning.

Why Does Consistency from a Cleaning Service Matter?

When you run a business you want to make sure your company has the highest level of professionalism and find the best office cleaning services available.

Hiring the right Commercial Cleaning Services in Raleigh

How can you improve your business by hiring the right Commercial Cleaning Services in Raleigh ? If you are a business owner, your responsibilities include taking care of almost everything from meetings to documents, salaries of employees and the hygiene of your place of business. If you want to keep your business professional looking, you should be able to maintain a clean and organized appearance for potential visitors and business partners alike. Raleigh Office cleaning should be done on a regular basis otherwise your business will only get bad image.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Raleigh

BizMaids is Raleigh’s Number #1 Commercial cleaning company. We offer a wide selection of services including office cleaning, janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. We Make sure that each of our customer’s needs are met, and will deliver back to you a clean, healthy, and safe work environment.

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